Frequently Asked Questions

Sharkcourses is the largest and most affordable online community for courses. With over 500+ updated courses. 

We aim to provide premium courses to help you in your growth.

In our courses, we provide mega cloud storage links. There is no download limit on our links, you can download or watch them online.

Steps to Download Your Purchased Course:

1. Go to the main menu, then My account/downloads.

2. You’ll see the course name there. Click on “view” to download your course.

We'll timely update all our courses with the latest content from the publisher.

If the mega cloud link provided is not working, there is no need to panic.

You did not get scammed you'll get what you paid for.

Due to some technical issues, you had to face that. 

Advance apologies for that.

Wait for 24 hrs. all links are updated every 24 hrs.' 

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Sharkcourses is a community, and there are members worldwide that are interested in new courses but are unable to enroll because of the high cost. In essence, we take a few dollars from each guy who is interested in that particular course, and we use that money to buy the course from the official website.

Then we download those courses and make them available to everyone in the world.