Aaron Young – Google Ads Bootcamp


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Aaron Young – Google Ads Bootcamp

Aaron Young – Google Ads Bootcamp
Aaron Young – Google Ads Bootcamp | 5.37 GB

What You Get:
– Module 1: What is Google Ads & How the Google Ads auction process actually works. (If you don’t understand this process you won’t be able to create a successful campaign)

– Module 2: How to create your very own Google Ads Battle Plan, so you can successfully plan your campaign and make adjustments is the market conditions change.

– Module 3: Keyword research done right, you will be surprised to hear how I start my successful profit making keyword research. Plus I will teach you my 1 keyword method.
Plus you also get my Keyword research template

– Module 4: How to get creative with Ad Copy to write ads that scream ‘CLICK ME’. I will also share my 4 elements that are a MUST for every ad.
Plus you also get my Ad Copy character limit counter

– Module 5: Track what’s what with Conversion tracking. Get the data you need so you can scale your campaign and grow your business.

– Module 6: How to create your campaign – correctly. Plus learning why campaign and ad group naming conventions are important and by just calling your Ad group ‘Ad Group 1’ is a massive mistake that will cost you hours of time in the future.

– Module 7: How to save money & increase profits with my step by step optimization process. Learn what to optimize and when to optimize every 72 hours, weekly, monthly or every quarter.
Plus I will give you my optimization checklist. Which is a checklist that I still use for all of my Google Ads campaigns.

– Module 8: ‘PRO TIPS’ on how to optimize a Google Ads campaign like a 15,000 hour master.

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