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Choose Your Market with Ryan Levesque

Choose Your Market with Ryan Levesque
Choose Your Market with Ryan Levesque | 5.60 GB

In my book, ASK I revealed the methodology used to successfully enter 23 different markets (ranging from tiny micro-niches in the highly-competitive jewelry market to obscure sub-niches in the massive weight loss market).

You see, choosing the right market (and validating your business idea) before you get started, is arguably the single most important decision you make as an entrepreneur.
But what I did NOT share, was how I chose those markets in the first place.

You see, choosing the right market (and validating your business idea) before you get started, is arguably the single most important decision you make as an entrepreneur.

Get this WRONG. and nothing else matters.
And so TODAY, for the first time ever, I’m going to teach you the exact process and formula I used to choose each of those 23 markets in the first place, step-by-step.

You’re about to discover the most comprehensive, thorough, and battle-tested process for choosing the right market or niche, validating the business idea you’re considering, and deciding what business to start.

You’ll discover a simple (but accurate) mathematical formula to determine how profitable your new business will be before you begin.

Here’s a SAMPLE of What You’ll Discover:
How to Measure Demand for Your Idea.
Discover if your market will pay for the product or service you’re thinking of offering before spending time and money creating it.
Find out how to identify how hungry the buyers are in the market you’re considering before you get started.
How to Determine Market Size & Potential.
How to get tangible data and quantitative proof about the size of the market you’re thinking about going into AND if that market is sufficient to start a business and be profitable.
How to identify which of your ideas has more profit potential when you’re deciding between more than one business idea.
How to Find Your Unique Angle.
Discover how to combine what you’re good at, what you enjoy doing, what your audience needs, and in an area you can commit to and stick with.
Discover how to put all the pieces together to identify your “unique angle” based on your strengths, capacities, resources, and talents.
How to Determine How Narrow You Should Focus.
Discover the step-by-step formula to determine how broad or narrow you should be (including if you’re afraid you maybe niching down too much.)
Find out what to do when you feel uncomfortable narrowing your focus, wanting to cover too many niches, going too broad and not drilling down deep enough
How to decide if you should niche down to multiple sub-niches, or if you should focus on a more generalized message.

PLUS: Discover how to find profitable sub-niches and micro-niches you can afford to advertise in when the market you’re interested in is highly-competitive (and cost-prohibitive to advertise in.)
And MUCH much more.

How to Evaluate Your Competition.
Discover the formula to determine if there is too much competition in your market for the idea you’re considering pursuing.
Find out how to carve out your “blue ocean” in a competitive red ocean market, even if you’re not an expert in the market your considering.
Discover how to differentiate and position yourself against your competition in a way that ensures your idea will be a winner no matter what.
And MUCH much more.

How to Decide What to Sell & How Much to Charge.
Discover how to come up with a product that is guaranteed to sell profitably in the market you’re looking at, step-by-step.
Discover the exact formula to use to figure out how to price your product or service.
Find out when you should start with a service based business (like coaching) and when you should start with a product based business model (like selling digital products) instead.
How to decide what type of product to sell (if for example, you’re trying to decide between digital products or a membership site.) and a simple framework you can use every single time to make that decision easy.
And MUCH Much More.

How to Choose the Right Business Model.
How to figure out what business model you want to focus on.
Discover the pros and cons of each type of business, so you can choose a business model that fits you.
Discover what type of businesses are easiest to setup.
How to choose what business model is best to serve the niche you’ve selected, and how to get initial traction with that model.
And MUCH Much More.

How to Incorporate Your Passion & Purpose.
How to build a successful business that’s not only about making money, but which has a purpose and is about helping people as well.
Discover a simple framework you can use to figure out which area you can add the most value to the world.
How to find a market that fits within your passion focus (even when it feels like your passion falls in a market that’s “too big” for you to compete in.)
Find out the surprising truth about what’s more important: Your passion and knowledge, or the size and potential of your market.

PLUS: Discover how to choose your market if you do NOT have a passion driving you to any particular market or business.
And MUCH Much More.

How to Leverage Your Prior Market Knowledge or Expertise
(And What to Do If You Don’t Have Any.)
Discover how to choose a business that is aligned with your skills, interests, and potential, and which still has sufficient market demand.
How to create a product with your existing talents and knowledge.
What to do when you have too MUCH material about your topic.
Discover how to choose the right industry to apply your expertise (and how to reach that market.)

PLUS: Discover how to enter a market you want to serve if you do NOT have any knowledge, expertise, or previous experience. (HINT: You’ll discover how in some cases, this can actually be MORE effective than going into a market where you DO have expertise.)

How to Choose if You’re Stuck or Overwhelmed.
How to decide which market or business to select first when you have several great ideas or opportunities in front of you but can’t decide.
How to choose your market when you’re interested in a lot of things and it feels like there are too many options to choose from.
How to decide what market to go into when you’re torn equally between two things you love. What to do if you get overwhelmed with all the possibilities and find it difficult to choose the right strategy.
And MUCH Much More.

How to Finally Move Forward & Get Started.
How to get yourself to finally take that “leap of faith” and get started, even if you’re the type of person who ponders way too much and gets stuck in analysis paralysis.
What to do if you get distracted easily.
How to overcome the feeling that there might be a better niche or business.
And MUCH Much More..

PLUS: All the Most Frequently Asked Questions Covered.

How to confidently choose a market that is not just “temporary” but instead has enough potential to keep generating revenue for you for the rest of your life.
What to do if you already have a product or service, and you’re afraid your market won’t be interested in what it is you’re offering.
How to decide if you should focus on a specific local market, or market online across different geographies.
How to decide if you should package your services together or focus on just one.
How to determine how much capital you need to start the business you want to start.
What to do when your research points you toward creating an offer that requires a bigger investment than you were planning.
How to set things up so you’re not tied to any one market for a long time.
How to know which audience to focus on when you can potentially focus on more than one audience within the same market.
How to decide when it’s time to move on from your idea and move in a different direction.
And Much MUCH More.

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