Conversational Vak Patterning by Kali Dubois


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Conversational Vak Patterning by Kali Dubois

Conversational Vak Patterning by Kali Dubois
Conversational Vak Patterning with Kali Dubois | 730 MB

Conversational VAK
Patterning to Have Her Think Its All Her Own Idea

V-A-K system stands for the three types of learning styles:
Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic.

Using V.A.K. will triple your RAPPORT in one-third the time.

V.A.K. is how we talk to our brain. How we learn. And HOW WE BUY. When you think about past experiences, do you have pictures in your head? Do you verbally say or hear sounds and words from the past? Does your heart have an achy feeling or get very emotional.

We LEARN information either Visually Auditorily or Kinesthetically. We prefer one or perhaps two of the types to the others. Ever hear someone say, I see what youre saying. Sounds good to me.This feels like something Id like to practice. Teammates and guests are showing us and telling us and giving us the feeling of their V.A.K. all the time and we now have the opportunity to capture that information ADJUST OUR FORM OF COMMUNICATION and use it toward persuading others.

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