Dan Bacon – Dating Power – The Modern Man


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Dan Bacon – Dating Power – The Modern Man

Dan Bacon - Dating Power – The Modern Man
Dan Bacon – Dating Power – The Modern Man | 3,6 GB

Advanced techniques for approaching, attracting and picking up women for sex and relationships.
Dating Power provides you with the ultimate framework for picking up women, which results in them trying to pick you up.

This simple, natural and proven to work approach gives you the power, all the way from the first approach and into a relationship.

Dating Power techniques make women:
– Want to be approached by you.
– Become immediately interested in you.
– Remain interested in you.
– Want to give you their contact details.
– Want you to contact them.
– Want to go on a date with you.
– Enjoy their dates with you.
– Want to have sex with you.
– Want to have a relationship with you.

What you will learn
Here are just some of the juicy secrets you will learn by watching Dating Power.
– Approaching Techniques
– Inner Mastery
– Attraction Techniques
– Interaction Techniques
– Conversation Techniques
– Escalation Techniques
– Dating Techniques
– Audience Question & Answer Session

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