Dupont – 4×4 Course


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Dupont – 4×4 Course

Dupont - 4x4 Course
Dupont – 4×4 Course | 7.65 GB

4X4 Course
Develop your trading skills with our up-to-date comprehensive education video series
The 4×4 Video Series has been built for beginners up to advanced investors.

By using a step by step process, the series has been developed to make it useful to everyone. The whole idea is to help investors along their learning curve.
The 4×4 Process could be especially helpful for New Retail Traders who want to access a reliable profitable process and easy to implement; more Experience Traders who have been struggling to consistently make money as they are lagging a real process or professional risk management; subscribers who want to have access to the industry or become professional trader.
As hedge funds and proprietary trading firms are reducing their training programs and universities are offering very theoretical courses, the 4×4 Video Series teach a true actionable process.


As a Professional Trader/Portfolio Manager/Hedge Fund Manager for almost 20 years, I know that learning how to Trade/Invest is a non-ending learning curve. This adventure is extremely exciting but needs to be ridden carefully.

In January 2018 after receiving many requests, I decided to start my own mentoring activities.

In October 2019, I launched the 4Γ—4 Video Series to help Investors profitably manage their portfolios. By sharing my ideas/experiences and offering education through the 4Γ—4 Video Series, I hope I can help you becoming a better investor.

Gregoire Dupont

Expert Trader & Portfolio Manager.

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