Feibel Trading – Tick Chart Mastery


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Feibel Trading – Tick Chart Mastery

Feibel Trading – Tick Chart Mastery
Feibel Trading – Tick Chart Mastery | 1.96 GB

Tick charts are often overlooked, consequently not very well known by the majority of traders, possibly due to the confusion and mysticism that surrounds this topic.

Professional and experienced traders alike recognize the value of using tick charts as an additional tool. Feibel Trading use tick charts on a daily basis as they offer an intraday edge over conventional time based charts.

Feibel Trading’s tutorial is unique as all concepts are explained with clarity, offering an in depth look into the multitude of advantages that tick charts provide. Various asset classes are used to illustrate the power of tick charts. Examples include, but not limited to currencies, stocks, commodities and indices.


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