Jose Rosado – 10 Year Shortcut


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Jose Rosado – 10 Year Shortcut

10 Year Shortcut with Jose Rosado
Jose Rosado – 10 Year Shortcut | 7.95 GB

Here’s a small peek of what’s inside

Strategies to build a respected online brand.
How to create highly lucrative digital products with ease.
Why saturation is a myth and why this is the best time to build an online brand.
A straighline strategy to launch and promote your digital products with our “plug-and-play” system and templates.
How to build a cult following so people who follow you stay even when you’re promoting your products like crazy.
How to write effortlessly to get results 10x faster

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Plan Your Funnel

Wait.. WFT is a funnel? It’s the steps you potential clients take to become clients.
Get it right the first time.
  • How to plan your funnel
  • The easiest way to create a profitable funnel even if you’re a non-techy person – you don’t need coding and design skills to make it work
  • ​How to create a “bait” to fill your funnel with potential clients
  • ​Lead magnet ideas you can create in 30 minutes
  • ​Tips for creating your lead magnets

Week 3-4:

Build Your Funnel

Automate the boring parts.
  • ​The quickest and easiest way to start with email marketing using a professional state-of-the-art tool
  • Examples of emails I send to my list with explanations about the psychological principles I use in each email. (Feel free to use them as inspiration)
  • ​How to create a landing pages that convert without being a professional designer
  • Simple ways to automate scheduling and following up on your sales meetings

Week 5-6

Launch Your Funnel

Get people into your system.
  • How to self-promote even if you hate self-promotion
  • ​How to generate leads quickly 
  • ​Simple ways to use DMs to make money
  • ​A proven system to create endless amounts of content that attract potential customers willing to buy.

Week 7-8:

Sell Like Crazy

Close deals like never before.
  • ​Increase your fees with confidence
  • ​The Barely Legal $100K Sales Script that I use to close deals fast
  • ​​A clear explanation of how to conduct high-ticket sales call – the kind that gets your prospect to reveal their deepest secrets to you and get you paid
  • ​​How to get paid on the phone


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