Michelle Villalobos – Retreats To Riches


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Michelle Villalobos – Retreats To Riches

Michelle Villalobos – Retreats To Riches
Michelle Villalobos – Retreats To Riches | 10.7 GB

Course Description
Retreats To Riches Course walks you through the exact steps to design, fill, deliver and MONETIZE retreats – and enroll your favorite participants into your Big Back End. Over the course of 6 modules (and bonus materials!) you’ll become proficient in the essential skills to generate profits in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

Course curriculum

1.Introduction — Start Here!! Modules Overview & Housekeeping

Welcome to Retreats to Riches!!

How To Use This Course – An Overview of the Thinkific Interface

Superstar Support

2.Module 1: The Opportunity/ First Steps

Module 1 Lesson 1 – Get Excited! Retreats to Riches Business Model Opportunity Overview

Module 1 Lesson 2 – How I Discovered This Model (Michelle’s Story)

Module 1 Lesson 3 – Retreat Leadership Attributes To Develop & Cultivate

Module 1 Lesson 4 – Retreats to Revenues: Projecting Your Retreat Goals & Outcomes

3.Module 2: Discover & Design Part 1

Module 2 Lesson 1 – Discover & Design Module Introduction

Video 2 ” Purpose”

Video 3 ” People”

Video 4 “Pains”

Video 5 “Promise”

4.Module 3: Discover & Design Part 2

Video 1 “Premise”

Video 2 “Pricing & Packaging”

Video 3 “Process”

Video 4 “Problem-Solution-Problem-Solution”

Video 5 “Plan”

5.Module 4: Promote & Enroll

Video 1 “Intro: Sell It First”

Video 2 “Sales As Service Philosophy”

Video 3 ” Sales Conversation Structure”

Video 4 ” Marketing Overview”

Video 5 ” Referrals”

[AUDIO] “Sales As Service” Audio Training – Quick Overview

[AUDIO] “Sales As Service Audio Training – Full

[PDF] Strategy Session Overview & Scriptmaker

6.Module 5: Prepare & Plan

Video 1 “Module Overview”

Video 2 “Design Your Retreat”

Video 3 “Prep Work & Retreat “Stick Strategy”

Video 4 “Onsite Logistics”

Video 5 “Your Big Back End Offer’

7.Module 6: Delight, Invite & Retain

Video 1 “Overview”

Video 2 “Onsite Success Strategy”

Video 3 “Making The Big Back End Offer”

Video 4 ” Dealing With Difficult Situations”

Video 5 “Onboard & Retain Overview”

Video 6 ” Listen & Evolve”

8.Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Special Offer!

9.*** Bonus- Retreats To Riches Tool Kit

RTR Live Event Checklist

RTR Virtual Event Checklist

NEW! Updated Big Back End Revenues Calculator

6 Steps To 6 Figure Retreats – Quick Start Guide

Jake’s Strategy Session Audio

10.Hot Seat Sessions

Retreats To Riches Bonus Hot Seat Session #1 – Virtual Retreats

Retreats To Riches Bonus Hot Seat Session #2 – Easy Breezy YouTube Marketing

Retreats To Riches Hot Seat Session #3, May 19, 2021

Retreats To Riches Hot Seat, Session #4, May 26, 2021

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