Project Gorilla Trading Course


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Project Gorilla Trading Course

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About Course

Project Gorilla is a hand- drafted course where I showcase my particular trading strategies and knowledge. This course is grounded off months of live screen recordings of me enforcing my ABC strategy on multiple requests and growing accounts from a small value to large; with an eBook and 2 hours of comprehensive content, you ’ll be sure to get down to the nitty gritty and straight to the plutocrat.

Skip the BS & jumpstart your trading success.

  • Courses that are currently on the market tell you how to trade and how to make yourself sound like the best trader in the world; but none of them actually show live screen recordings of them growing the accounts and explaining every move they make. Well that’s exactly what I have done, including predicting profits on all my trades resulting in hitting my targets with just £5 a pip each and every time not just once or twice; consistent live results across a number of weeks


  • My original Project Gorilla was based off the movie Trading places. I got the idea to get the lowest IQ child, who has come from nothing growing up in what most may consider as the ‘ghetto’; I taught him how to apply my strategy which has benefited me for the past 8 years.  After 3 months of consistently being on the market and using my strategy, he blew up becoming viral for his extreme spending habits; this quickly had everyone interested in his ‘zero to hero’ story.


  • For me, it was a statement I wanted to make, it is real life proof that anyone can trade if you have the right mental state. I myself left school with no GCSE’s, I didn’t go to college, and I am also dyslexic. Some people put my success down to luck or having a special talent, but the truth is it is all down to a simple ABC strategy that anyone could do, proving my point with Gorilla of Wallstreet.


  • I have made this course for all financial backgroundsso profits of £500-£1,000,000 all being placed and also describe why I place them, every action has a reason. Although I am not a teacher, I believe the best way of teaching is showing and explaining all the processes in depth.


  • What will I learn? In this course you would be learning about what makes you money. The course is not to bombard your brain with all the fancy trading terminology, all that stuff does is make you sound smart but, in the end, you’ve wasted your time and achieved nothing. I have simplified the course to my best abilities and even went as far as screen recording exactly what I do along with live trades for a few weeks to show you how easy it is with a little bit of math and common sense.


  1. Market Fundamentals

Market fundamentals cover the baseline outside knowledge required to understand the market in which you’re trading in.

  1. Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is used widely in the Gorilla Trading Strategy, it involves identifying patterns and trends in market data to make accurate decisions and trades.

  1. The Gorilla Trading Strategy

Here we’ll cover my personal strategy in which I’ve personally used for the last 8 years to become a successful trader.

  1. Managing & Leveraging Trades

Once you’re confident with trading, learning to manage and leverage trades correctly is an essential skill to keep your balance safe and positions constant.

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