Sophie Howard – Product University + Bonus $5000 Amazon Navigator


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Sophie Howard – Product University + Bonus $5000 Amazon Navigator

Sophie Howard - Product University + Bonus $5000 Amazon Navigator
Sophie Howard – Product University + Bonus $5000 Amazon Navigator Course | 5 GB

How to Scale Your Amazon Business whilst Maintaining an Awesome Lifestyle
– Are you looking to build an online business but struggling to get started?

– Despite all your research youâ – re not completely convinced you are on the right track and you donâ – t want to waste your money making an expensive mistake choosing the wrong product or platform?

– Are you wanting to build a solid business “not just cash flow but a real asset that you could sell one day like I have once already and another in the wings?

It – s getting tougher to find clear water – with new profitable products but Iâ – ve been continually adding new products and brands using my Minimum Viable Brand strategy. Itâ – s a technique thatâ – s serving me and my current clients well.

We work on quality products that are a breath of fresh air in the crowded, me-too world of cheap Chinese factory plastic junk. Any product I develop has to meet certain criteria which means itâ – s far harder to copy, source or sell. These brands are also highly attractive to other businesses, so as well as earning cash through sales, you can also sell the entire business when you fancy a 7-figure payday.

The reality is that you – ll need a lot more than just a product to sell on Amazon. Youâ – re building a real business here and most Amazon training courses are very narrow in focus. They teach you enough to teach you to drive the Amazon account but no strategy, or supporting skills to make your business a success. They also ignore a lot of the other opportunities that arise when you own your own brand and product line. Which is why I created Product University.

What’s Product University?

Itâ – s a membership group to help you grow the skills and confidence to sell products online.

We cover all the essential topics to set up and launch your product on Amazon. We cover:

– Branding
– Virtual teams
– Advertising
– Copywriting
– Mindset
– Partnerships
– Marketing
– Social media
– Ecommerce and much more

All the elements that will leave your Amazon competition standing plus the skills to get out and confidently tackle other online opportunities to sell your products online. The main focus in the early part of the training is product selection strategy. There are four whole sessions dedicated to it!

Bonus: $5000 Amazon Navigator Course
If you sign up to Product University for a year, one special bonus we include as well as the main modules is my signature $5k Amazon Navigator course.

Who’s Sophie Howard?
You’ll remember her as one of the best speakers from Pixel Mastery 3 Singapore Day 2 Vid 2.

– Over the past three years Iâ – ve been fully immersed in Amazon and other ecommerce platforms.

– I started one Amazon brand that sold over $1 million in year one, and I sold that account for seven figures USD after 18 months.

– Iâ – ve been coaching people like you, who are ready to build a steady income through a smart online business, in groups and 1:1 to help reach the results they want.

– Amazon is my core business and I still believe it is the best place to start and launch new product brands.

– I have also been building my latest six-figure brands using paid traffic (e.g. Facebook ads), ecommerce platforms like Shopify and scaling my premium brands through other partnerships and channels.

– I love teaching and seeing my clients getting great results by building the skills and confidence to get started and growing smart online businesses.

– I also love often going against the mainstream approach in e-commerce and succeeding with my own strategies ” these I share freely with my coaching clients. You wonâ – t see any obvious Alibaba Chinese factory me-too products in any of my online stores!

“The ongoing knowledge and wisdom you give to others and the hard work you do as a teacher, mentor and coach to your business colleagues and the large amounts of information you provide is just amazing. I have never met anyone that is so thorough and mesmerizing about the amount of content you give and share with us.”
Mike Allsop

“Even as a student of both Jason Fladlien and Ben Cummings, I found so much to learn from Sophieâ – s brilliant course. I really appreciated her unique approach to product selection, and the concept of building a complete business, not one based solely on Amazon. If you want to learn how to build a successful online products based business, you wonâ – t find a better program.”
Colin K.

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