The Voiceover Beard – Online Courses


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The Voiceover Beard – Online Courses

The Voiceover Beard – Online Courses
The Voiceover Beard – Online Courses | 2.78 GB

Custom Content is a relatively new service I’m offering. I will create a piece of bespoke video content involving my character, The Voiceover Beard, interacting with your product or service.

These are not unbiased reviews, meaning that I don’t have to make any disclaimers and the content will be flattering and reflect positively upon your brand.

Organic posting for both of us should be included in the agreement, however paid ads using the content will warrant a usage fee. Affiliate links may also be discussed as a form of payment.

Compensation is open to negotiation. In some cases the value of the product may be enough. I really like free stuff.

Learn at least 10 different ways to start making money with your voice in the next 30 days.*

It’s guerrilla content marketing, sharpened and refined, specifically formulated to get you the exact result you’re after.*

They don’t talk about this in Voiceover seminars.

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