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Trading the Post – Ron Friedman

Trading the Post – Ron Friedman
Trading the Post – Ron Friedman | 4.73 GB

Pull Up a Seat Next to Ron Friedman
Trading is much more difficult than most pundits and “educators” in this industry say it is. If you’ve been trading for more than a week, you’ve experienced this truth firsthand.

But there are traders who keep their losses small, let their winners run, end up green on most days, and grow their accounts year-over-year. Ron calls it “stacking”. He’s one of those traders.
Here’s how the Trading the Post approach makes that possible:
Comprehensive Strategy
Trading the Post covers equity and options trading in all time frames and environments, meaning you know what to do regardless of market conditions:
– Scalps / intraday trades
– Swings
– Long-term plays using LEAPS
– Range-bound or directional markets
Capital Protection
Trading the Post also emphasizes protecting your capital. Big gains followed by big losses not only fails to make you drains your precious mental capital as well.
That’s why we use things like “Zombie Puts.” We bought some for cheap in Dec ’19. We covered in March ’20, came out of the correction with dry powder, and rode the $TQQQ all the way back up.

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