Tuan Vy – The Affiliate Intensive Mastermind


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Tuan Vy – The Affiliate Intensive Mastermind

Tuan Vy – The Affiliate Intensive Mastermind
Tuan Vy – The Affiliate Intensive Mastermind | 13.5 GB

What You Get:

“Affiliate Intensive Mastermind”

You can call it The A.I.M. for short.
Which is perfectly fitting because everyone’s aim in the group is to “level up” in
every aspect of their game.

This is my first Online Based Mastermind so for those of you who are Internationally
based we can finally connect all in the comfort of your own home.

Here’s what The Affiliate Intensive Mastermind is all about.

​You’ll get exclusive access to a Private Portal where you can access

Videos, PDFs, Case Studies, Follow Alongs, and Recordings.

This is called the Content Vault Library Members Area.

The purpose of this is to have a centralized location for all the content material so you can consume it at your own pace and in your own time.

What kind of content will be covered?

Good question…
I’ll be sharing everything I know from my own experience on what it takes
to make it as an Affiliate and actually break things down in a how to manner.

Things like.
– The Art of Running High Volume 7 Figure Media Buys.
– Traffic Sources I Currently Use Outside of FaceBook.
– ​Offer and Verticals I’m Currently Running.
– Hiring Media Buyers, Team Building, and How To Compensate Them.
– How to Be a Super Human and Achieve More in 1 Day Than Others Do in a Week.
– An Inside Look at How I Run My Daily Operations and Affiliate Business.
– Creating Sustainability with your Affiliate Business.
– How To Build an Affiliate Business with Little to No Upfront Capital Investment.
– How To Sell High Ticket Courses.
– How To Execute a High Ticket Workshop.
– Pricing Strategies and How To Squeeze The Most Profit For Yourself.
– My ToolBox of Softwares and Tools I Personally Use.
– My Sales Funnels, Scripts, and Processes for Closing Leads.
– Adult Marketing in 2020 and What Works.
– How I Track and Optimize My Campaigns and the KEY Metric I Look Out For.
– Productivity and Personal Hacks That Will Give You An Edge and Win Back Time.
– The Banking Side of the Business and How I Set Up My Accounts.
– CashFlow Strategies and How To Grow a 7 Figure BankRoll For Paid Advertising.

Plus a bunch of other stuff if I wrote out would be longer than Schindler’s List..
Just think of it like me exposing all aspects of the inner workings of my business with you.

I will be sharing stuff that I’ve only kept Private for my High Level Mastermind Attendees.

But that’s not it..

You will also be joining me and the other members of The A.I.M.

Weekly for Q&A’s via Zoom Video Conferencing calls.

Yes every single WEEK.

Not once every Month or every Blue Moon like some guys offer.

Every single week all of us will get together to answer questions and “Mastermind” with each other.

This will provide the “Accountability” and “Support” factor that most programs are severely lacking.

This way no question will go unanswered and we will continue to grow as a group.

​Also, if you can’t make the Weekly Q&A’s no worries.

They will be recorded and added to the Content Vault Library for you
to watch when you want as many times as you need.

There will be an insane amount of value in just these calls alone for the
simple fact that I know some of the current members right now are

Experts outside of my field of expertise and will be dropping serious knowledge.

I’ll be taking notes myself. Believe that.

The 3rd thing will be a Private Facebook Group for A.I.M. Members…

This is a way to get transparency, network, get quick answers, and make real
life friends with other members of the Mastermind.

These are REAL People.

It won’t be some imposter hiding behind a Screen Name in a Forum giving you
his “Hottest” tips.

And please believe Business Relationships, Partnerships, and Money WILL be made
​by the connections you make in this group.

The connections alone are priceless.

​Also I should mention that this is not a 2-3 day Mastermind.

A 6 Week Course.

A 30 day Transformation etc.

This is a One Time Enrollment that’ll last for the LIFETIME of the Mastermind.
Yes, several months to a year from now you’ll STILL be getting value from the group.
Okay, now you’re probably wondering so

“Who is this for” and “Will This Be a Fit For Me?”.
Good question.
Let me first state who this is NOT for.
This is NOT a Mastermind meant for someone who is a naturally a toxic
negative close minded person.

Sorry, this isn’t the culture we are building here.
This is also not for you if you believe in push button cash machines.

Or Get Rich Overnight Schemes…
​If you’re thinking this is just a way to keep Tuan at your beck and call for whatever
​questions you have then no. Definitely not for you.

This isn’t a one way street or a way to take advantage or abuse me and other
members so let’s get that clear and out the way…
​We are all grown ups here and I have to set some realistic expectations.

So this is DEFINITELY not for just anyone.

​If you ARE a positive person with realistic goals in life and business and have been waiting to find a resource like this to network and push yourself to ​the next level then YES this is for you.

​If you are an Affiliate just starting out and need guidance, YES this is for you.

If you are a Super Affiliate crushing it but want to 2-3x, then YES this is for you.

If you are tired of struggling with campaigns and need some direction and advice, then YES this is for you.

​If you are based Internationally and wanted to but never could travel to my In-Person Masterminds, then YES this is for you.

​If you’re alone and need a Support Network to help answer your questions and help you navigate these Affiliate waters, then YES this is for you.

If you’re already crushing it in Business but are smart enough to know how just valuable ONE little bit of advice or tip can 2-3x your income, then YES this is for you.

If you want to grow your Network and make friends with other successful Affiliates, Entrepreneurs, and Business people, then YES this is for you.

If you’re just sick and tired of your current situation then YES this is for you.

​If you understand the POWER of Mastermind, then YES this is for you.

And So on and So on.

Buy Tuan Vy – The Affiliate Intensive Mastermind at $8.99 only!


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