Unlearn & Relearn – Market Fluidity (UP)


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Unlearn & Relearn – Market Fluidity (UP)

Unlearn & Relearn - Market Fluidity (UP)
Unlearn & Relearn – Market Fluidity | 13,35 GB

Market Fluidity focuses on the movements of candles.
Without truly understanding candles, it is really hard to read price and anticipate moves.

The program is designed to teach you HOW to read stories from candles and how to EFFECTIVELY use it in your day to day trading.
Invest in the skill set, and let your discipline pay you dividends over time.

Methods discussed will be what we use to manage risk while in a trade. This allows us to make informed decisions regarding taking Entries, Closing Partial positions, leaving runners, identifying StopLoss areas and much more. Of course everyone knows technical analysis, but to apply them, is a completely different story.

Once in the Slack community, you have the freedom to send charts in the groups or to me personally which are reviewed on a daily basis. You get to participate in the live refreshers we do bi-weekly to help address certain issues members might have related to risk, technical analysis, psychology etc. All in all, it is a one stop shop towards your trading career. What we will require as a pre-requisite, is discipline and time. It just takes time.

Topics Covered:

– Will have access to Slack platform (the most organized platform with separate channels for all sessions), Zoom sessions and all future updates.
– Will be added to MarketFluidity Database platform.
– Unlearn & Relearn- Reset the way you read charts.

RISK MANAGEMENT 2.0 & 3.0 (dynamic & static risk)
– Using dynamic risk to add positions at better prices.
– Using dynamic risk to add positions as price moves in favor.
– Cutting losses small.
– Using price action to determine risk
– Risk off strategies to reduce stress.

– Building a Trading Plan.
– What pairs ,market sessions, risk to use.

– Understanding Zones. Difference between HTF zones & LTF Zones. Which ones are more important and why ?
– How to look for rejections in Zones or continuation.
– What to look for a continuation based off break/retest.
– How to spot a valid range to fill. Identifying ranges and appropriate stops.
– How to spot a “fake-out” vs “continuation”.
– How to read 4h/1h/30min/15min candles.
– How to trade based off visualizing Daily candles and executing on LTF candles.

– When to look for volatility in the market. How to spot momentum and trade with momentum.
– How to identify “CONSOLIDATION” to protect capital.
– Identifying a trend in a session and how to take entries based off that. (This will help you NOT to trade a pair in CONSOLIDATION mode).

– What do candlesticks represent.
– What do wicks mean and how to trade wick fills.
– How to determine which wicks will get filled and which wont get filled.
– HTF wickfills vs LTF wickfills.
– What do candles mean when they have no wicks, and how to execute entries and exits based on that.

– How to identify minor and major trends.
– Anticipating candles through HHs & HLs.
– Executing on trending candles and waiting on ranges.
– Using trending candles to identify stop loss areas. MAJOR KEY.

– Exactly what to look for to re-enter a winning bias after getting stopped.
– Understanding HHs and HLs and break of minor structures to re-enter

Market Fluidity – Course Content


  • Welcome !

Unlearn & ReLearn

  • Intro to Forex
  • How to chose currency pairs
  • Lots and Leverage
  • Risk Management 1.0
  • Anatomy of Candlesticks
  • Market Trends
  • Support & Resistance 1.0
  • Risk Management 2.0
  • Momentum vs VolatilityVolume
  • Explaining a WickFill
  • Risk Management 3.0
  • Support & Resistance 2.0
  • HTF vs LTF
  • Candle Trends
  • Trading the Trend
  • Rejection in Zones
  • Trading Plan

Psychology / Trade Management

  • Ted Talks – Backtesting, Risk Management, Ranges & Zones
  • Ted Talks – Staying consistent Trading + Life
  • How to effectively backtest
  • Keeping losses small
  • How to Entries / Breakout Fakeouts / How not to miss trades

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